The Great Green Re-Read  Outside 2013
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"Great Green Re-Read, Outside"
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Sharing the Magic of a Book
With a book journey far
You can go from where you are 
To another country, world or star
In a spaceship, boat or car
Adventure to many lands

Choose a book as you would a friend
Go outside and play ‘til daylight’s end
Under a tree, in grass or a sunny glen
Lost in a tale, the time you spend
Is all yours to command

Stories etched in your memory
Then shared with others who find glee
In turning those pages carefully
As they magically travel beneath that tree
And enjoy new worlds so grand

Pages Crisp or gently worn
Slightly tattered, frayed or torn
Enjoyed at night, noon or morn
Loved so well are now reborn
In another's hands 

By Elaine Unell
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